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Boykins Youth Foundations, Inc. was founded by Christopher M. Boykins in 2003.

BYF, Inc. began as a mentorship program to help tutor youth under the age of 19. BYF's rapid growth has expanded their efforts to youth behavioral issues, as well as helping our young people effectively cope with their young life and life's situation.

In 2006 BYF, Inc. established itself as the umbrella company to eight separate organizations. See them here.

BYF, Inc. is always in need of sponsors, donations, equipment, supplies and volunteers. Items such as: uniforms (for camps, for practice, for football player and cheerleaders, etc.), cleats, tennis shoes, water, ice, vans, buses, football gloves, workout equipment and more are genuinely appreciated.

All donations (including financial and supplies) can be sent to:

Boykins Youth Foundations, Inc.
P.O. Box 301146
Houston, Texas 77230-1146

BYF,Inc. is continually "Turning Visions Into Reality". We're helping youth who are less fortunate or have come from low income families. Will you help us continue to help them? Thanks in advance for your support. God bless.



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